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The Love Expert…
Aisha Namiiro born to Hajji Umaru Nsimbe Ssempagala and Hajati Jannat Nansubuga Nsimbe of Mutundwe Kirinyabiggo is blessed with 3 beautiful children. 

Aisha is a graduate of Northeastern University Boston with a masters in corporate and organizational communication, majoring in Public and Media relations. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and media Management from Cavendish University Uganda, a diploma in journalism & mass communication from UMCAT Uganda and a diploma in Music Dance and Drama from Makerere University. 

She has worked passionately as a journalist for the last 16 years with several radio stations in Kampala, Uganda which include Star Fm, Dembe Fm, Radio One and Akaboozi Ku Kubiri as a reporter News Anchor, music selector and as a sub Editor before moving to the US.

She joined RUB as a News Anchor, Reporter, and Radio presenter later became the Production Director. She co‐host “Gyetuva ne Gyetulaga Original” program with Simple Nsereko Ssekonde and Geoffrey Kaweesa Katerega every Wednesday from 5pm‐9pm. She also hosts her own program “Ekyombo Kyo Mukwano” aka “The Love Zone” every Sunday afternoon from 2pm‐5pm (EST).

“As a journalist I have travelled places, rubbed shoulders and held interviews with people from all walks of life.”

One of her most valued recognitions, is a certificate she received from the Buganda Kingdom in 2011 as one of the outstanding journalists who helped to promote the Luganda language. It was presented to her by then Katikiro of Buganda Eng. JB Walusimbi.

She currently serves as a board member and board clerk for Community Legal Services and Counseling Center [CLSACC] Cambridge, MA, a center for Pro bono lawyers and counselors. She is a member of the “Uganda Women’s Association International” (UWAI), based in Boston, MA which brings together Ugandan women in the Diaspora. She is also a member of “Ggwanga Mujje, Boston Chapter” and served on the Publicity committee of the successfully held “Buganda Bumu Convention” in Boston 2015. And lastly but not list, she is a member of the Human rights Network for Journalists, Uganda Parliamentary Press Association and Uganda Journalists Association.

She believes in the truth, hard work, togetherness and in second chances. She loves children, preaching love and peace for it brings about harmony in society and the world at large. 

Her hobbies include music, dance and cooking…

Life lesson:  “Life is a beautiful garden, let every flower blossom there is enough space for all to bloom.” 

The Son, The heir…

Geoffrey Kaweesa Kateregga Kiwanuka Katetemera a.k.a Geoff Kats has very, VERY big shoes to fill. He is the son of the legendary Radio personality, Andy Simon Kaweesa [RIP]. And anyone that knows the Father knows that if The Son is going to be on radio, he will have to match the style that epitomized his Dad.
Geoffrey, originally from, Masaka was born to Alex Phoebe Nakibuuka and Mr. Andy Simon Kaweesa – and grew up in Ntinda, Kampala. At Radio Uganda Boston, Geoffrey is Co-owner RUB, Chief Operations Officer(COO), Programs Director and also an on air personality.
Geoffrey always wanted to be in radio because of his father. Everyone knew The Old Man and he fully appreciates radio. He saw the impact while he was growing up in his father’s wings.

Geoff Kats went to Nakasero Primary School, Namilyango College, Ndejje S.S.S then Nkumba University.
He moved to the United States in 1997 where he studied at Mass Bay Community College of Boston and at Connecticut School of Broadcasting majoring in radio. On RUB he presents “Gyetuva ne Gyetulaga Original” with Simple and Aisha, “Smooth Jazz” and “Silent DJ” every Wednesday. He also does “Saturday Weekend Club” a program whose name was taken from his father’s show on Radio Uganda.

Geoffrey is going to make Radio Uganda Boston the epitome of broadcasting. Plans are underway to progress the station with the introduction of a rainbow of programs and enhancing the quality of the brand. This is very important to Mr. Kats. After all he has the support of his wife Agnes Kaweesa and his young son, Andy Simon Kaweesa Katetemera ll named after his beloved father and nephew, Sean Kaweesa who are both intently listening.

Life Lesson: “Family is everything in life, enjoy your family whenever you can because you never know…”

Fresh From Namayiba

This Son of the Soil – and also the son of George William & Josephine Nnalongo Ssekonde – was born in Namayiba, Kyaggwe in Mukono district.

Popularly known as ‘Simple,’ Geoffrey Hudson Wasswa Nsereko Ssekonde is a simple and yet amazingly deep person whose passion comes out when he gets up to the mic to do his thing! And on RUB he is   Co-owner RUB, Vice Chief Executive Officer (VCEO), Public Relationship Director (PRD) and also an on air personality.

In his voice, you’ll hear wisdom + authority – all you expect in a presenter. His life experiences started at the Kyetume and Nakisunga Primary Schools; Nkoyoyo Boarding School – Matale, Busoga College Mwiri, Bishop’s SSS in Mukono and then National College of Business Studies at Nakawa before heading off to Germany in 1996 where he stayed for 2 years.

He made a brief detour to Uganda for a short two months before finally immigrating to the United States where he has lived and worked since then.

Simple currently presents one of two shows – First one is entitled “Gye Tuva Ne Gyetulaga Special” on Sunday evening where his deep passion for Uganda and progress comes out. Combined with love of talking about Uganda, his wit and intensity when it comes to his people, there is no doubt that the screws, nuts, bolts and lights work very well in his upstairs! Then on Wednesday evening “Gye Tuva Ne Gyetulaga Original” which he presents with Aisha and Geoffrey and features news from home, interviews, jokes, greetings, phone calls and cultural values. Of course, this menu also has ebirango and sports.

Simple is a formidable and instrumental member of the community in Boston and holds several positions in various organizations which has led him to receive several recognition awards. He is proud to do all this because of the support from his wife Maureen Nsereko and their dear children, Hannah, Junior, Trevor and more to come + the love of his Namayiba, after all he is the “Ambassador of Namayiba” So he says….

The Guy with the Soft Voice.

Robert (Bob) Kasana is the soft-spoken guy on Radio Uganda Boston and perhaps it’s why he used to present the “Country Zone show” that really suited his voice. Born in Bugolobi, Kampala to the late Mr. Deziderio William Kasana and Mrs. Christine Nakityo Kasana, he finished his primary seven at St. Mary’s Boarding Primary School Nabbingo. He then joined St. Henry’s College Kitovu for four years and then moved to Jinja College for his A-Level. He then went on to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University UK and acquired the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants qualification and became a member of that association in 2004. Bob, as is commonly known in his circles, moved to the US in the summer of 2009 to join his Mother where he later pursued a Master’s in Business Administration with a specialization in Accounting at the Southern University of New Hampshire (SNHU).

Bob joined Radio Uganda Boston (RUB) early 2010 making him one of the earliest members to join the Radio. He is currently the marketing director charged with finding business for RUB and works with a team that comprises basically of all members of RUB. He also heads the entertainment department, which involves the Annual RUB Summer Splash events and any other parties or shows that the Radio deems fit for the community to be held.

At the moment as a presenter, he is working on a new program called “Spot Light”. This is a discussion program dealing with issues concerning our day to day lives. Issues such as healthy living, money management, re-invention of ones’ self and many more topics. One take away from listening to this program is that you will be a lot more knowledgeable than you were before you listened in. At the moment it airs every Sunday from 12 noon-2pm (Boston Time) as he sets his busy schedule for a permanent time soon.

He is very thankful to God for all the blessings he bestowed on him over the years, thankful to his RUB colleagues for the continued support at the Radio, the businesses that advertise with RUB, the fans of RUB for always standing with RUB and finally, but not least, to his family, most especially his wife Genevieve Kasana and their lovely children, for not withering from the tough challenges that come from being away from them for a long time.

Bob considers himself highly favored and blessed.

Pr Balinda

The Man Of God…

Isaac G. W. Balinda was born in Masaka Uganda to the Late George Robert Williams Apulli and Cotilda Namagembe Nantume.

Studied in Nsambya, Rubaga and Bukalasa Cooperative College. Later he did a course in Accounting, with the Institute of Accounting and Data Processing, AIA – UK.

He worked with the Dept. Of Cooperative Development – Tooro, then with National Textiles board and Label East Africa LTD. He later become a Pastor and Founded the Redeemed Churches in East Africa, also the Body that united The Born Again Churches in Uganda as their leader.  In addition he worked as a Logistics Officer with International Christian Aid from the USA. He is both an undergraduate and graduate of The School of Life Long Education – Oral Robert University USA.

He joined RUB as a presenter of the Kingdom Hour Program in English and Luganda on Sunday Mornings from 8-10am Eastern US Time. The program is about propagating the doctrine of the Kingdom and how to advance the kingdom throughout the Nations of the World.

He is the founder and President of KSMI – Kingdom Solutions Ministries International, a Non-Profit Organization out to impact the World with the Kingdom Culture of Heaven. Also a founder of FOTI – Friends of Tooro International, a Charitable Organization with a Mission of Supporting, Empowering and Transforming the Citizens of Tooro in Diaspora and in Western Uganda and it’s Linked to Tooro Foundation Uganda. He is also a Spiritual Adviser of UPAC, United People for African Congress and UOFA – United Voice for Ethnic Africans in the USA whose mission is to support, uplift and empower Ethnic Africans in US – to be involved in democratic process And also a Board Member of Africans in Boston, AIB, an organization that represents Africans Living in Greater Boston whose mission is about uniting, networking and bridging the gap between Africans and the World and finely he is a Pastor with the African Pastor’s Fellowship. A Pastor and an Elder with Fire Place Church,  Miracles Signs & Wonder’s Church both in Waltham and also with International Gospel Church Chelsea MA.

He is very proud and thankful to God to work on Radio Uganda Boston as this has helped him to reach many people in advancing the doctrine of the Kingdom and he wouldn’t do and achieve all this without the support of his dear wife Elizabeth Namugenze Balinda and their lovely six grown up children.

The Man Of God, ISSAC, Loves to Enjoy Life, Loves People and Loves to Travel….  

The Man Himself….

Patrick Kawalya popularly known as Dj. Paddy, was born to the Nevily Johns Kanyerezi Mpagi family and raised in Mukono. Patrick has simply got to be one of the most popular and on demand DJs in Boston!

His phenomenal skills do not even begin to represent DJ Paddy, the Man himself. He is determined, strong willed hard working, creative and very adaptable.

“I am also honest, funny, and charming. This is what makes me incredibly easy to work with and especially get along with.”

He remembers his first gig as a DJ with such angst – and yet at the same time, there’s no doubt that he also truly appreciates all those who helped him on this journey. This led him to join RUB as one of the earliest presenters on the radio with his famous entertainment program “Dance Mania”, every Saturday from 5:00pm, playing your favorite tunes from all genres. He also presented another popular show, “Kadongo Kamu Special”, every Tuesday from 6:00pm, on hold at this time.

Due to his background in music and entertainment, through RUB and work in the community, he has gained his popularity and this has earned him a reputation for delivering, which has led him to win numerous awards including the New England African AWARD as best DJ. He now does most of the Boston Weddings as well as Traveling Regularly to cities across the US, Canada and all parts of the world.

He has opened up his own business dubbed “Dj Paddy Entertainment” providing outstanding DJ services all over the world. 

For any type of party and entertainment you can schedule an appointment now at: /

Dorothy Lubowa Stewart

The Community Woman…

Dorothy Lubowa Stewart popularly known as (DL) was born in Mawokota, Mpigi District to the late Mr. and Mrs. Lubowa.

She is an OG of Kako SSS, Makerere College School and Nkumba University.

Before moving to the US, she was involved in the political circles, rising to the position of woman councilor LC5, Kampala District Council, representing Makindye West constituency. Since moving to the US, DL has held leadership positions in the Ugandan community including being the vice president of “Gwange mujje” Boston, a Buganda cultural organization that champions the interests and values of Buganda and its supporters. She is also the Brainchild behind the Uganda Women’s Association International (UWAI), an organization that champions women’s causes especially in the Ugandan community.

In the field of broadcasting, DL joined Radio Uganda Boston (RUB) in 2013 as the host of the popular Luganda women’s program “Omukyala wa leero” aka “Today’s Woman” every Thursday starting at 5:00 pm. She always has something special to share with her audience especially women’s affairs mostly in the Ugandan Diaspora and the program has garnered a huge following since its inauguration. If you haven’t had a chance to tune in to her program, this is your opportunity and you are always welcome to share your ideas with the audience by calling in during the live show. If you wish to feature as a guest on the show, please send her a message click here to schedule an appointment. Besides “mukyala wa leero” DL also fills in as guest host on other programs as needed. She is multi-talented in public communication skills.

Dorothy has been a resident of Boston for over 10 years. She is a family, fun loving person who enjoys uplifting families for the benefit of the community. She happens to be a proud mother of three beautiful girls and a son. On top of that, she has earned herself the famed title of “Jalongo” as a result of being a proud grandmother of two beautiful twin girls.

Life Lesson: “If you believe and want something and you want it so much, you have to go for it period!!!”

Fredrick Kakeeto

The Sports Guru…

Mr. Fredrick Kakeeto, from Masaka, is the News Director of Radio Uganda Boston arrived in the United States in 2006 and has for the last 12 years committed his time and energy honing his journalism and other professional skills, not only to realize his career goals, but also to share his knowledge and experience for the benefit of others. He Completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Care Administration at the University of Phoenix, Arizona in 2016. Earlier, Mr. Kakeeto earned a certificate as a Medical Office Assistant from Lincoln Technical Institute, Somerville, Massachusetts, 2012

With over 30 years of professional experience, more than 20 of them in journalism, Mr. Kakeeto considers himself a modest poster child of a work in progress, a functional and a continuously learning professional. His training and experience are the building blocks on which the attainment of his career goals is founded.

In his professional work, he continuously builds on his experience in journalism by applying his education, training and personal abilities to holistically contribute to the growth and development of Radio Uganda Boston and all its stakeholders. This goal is informed by his aspiration to professionally serve people across generations as a sure pathway towards the betterment of humanity.

For Mr. Fredrick Kakeeto, this long and sustainable goal is guided, as his previous working career was, shaped by productive and reciprocal engagements with others. As a trained and experienced journalist, he builds on a solid foundation and proven record in public and community service in diverse geographical and cultural settings to pursue, attain and find gratification in his professional aspirations as a transformative agent of social advancement.

Mr. Kakeeto is also the host of the Radio Uganda Boston flagship sports program, “MUZANNYI”, one of the platforms on which the enhancement of his profession is based, brings to you the latest sports events from around the world every Friday from 10:00 PM.

Happily married, Mr. Kakeeto’s aspiration is to raise children and the young generation who will progressively seize every opportunity to positively impact the increasingly diverse cultural communities we live in. Confident, and informed by the wisdom in this Chinese proverb, “a journey of a thousand miles starts with a first step”, Mr. Kakeeto believes that together, prosperity in the 21st Century is ours to claim.

The Sports Guru know as “Sir Fredrick Kakeeto”, by his Colleagues….

The Political Lady…

Grace Nakigude was born and raised in Kabojja, Wakiso district to the late Moses and Gladys Katumba Kyakulumbye, both teachers and great educationists. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Makerere University. After graduation, she worked for the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in various capacities before relocating to the US. She was also involved in advocating for the rights of women and children through community work. As a journalist and activist, it gives her great satisfaction advocating for the rights of the underprivileged and the downtrodden.

“I love politics and it saddens me when it’s referred to as a dirty game. It’s a few selfish and greedy individuals who make it appear like a dirty game. I look forward to the time when we’ll have a fair and leveled political ground.”

She joined RUB and brought her experience, with her background in journalism, to RUB’s THE political program “Twabirabye” every Friday at 6:30pm with Edward Ssebuwufu and Mayanja Mulinde. This program is about world politics but most of the emphasis is about the Ugandan politics and she knows her politics.

Grace feels greatly honored and proud to be part of the Radio Uganda Boston team, a very formidable voice for the Ugandan community in the diaspora…

Sound Engineer

Jackson Kato Parma is the best in this field that you can ever find, born in Masaka, Son to the late Mr. and Mrs. Parma of Masaka. He is the grandson of the later Musa K. Parmer Ntanda, one of Sir Edward Muteesa Kabaka’s advisors. Kato went to South Africa for about 2 years and then moved to the US in 2000. His interest in Music lead him to get in touch with his partner and opened up a Ugandan Club, “Kampala Club”, in Waltham in 2001. He later opened up another club, “Club Rendezvous”, when the other one closed. He then did a course in Sound Engineering. He moved back to Uganda for about 5 years in which time he opened up his company, MegaPro sounds which collaborated with Silk Events. On his return to the US, he joined RUB as Sound Engineer and he is also partnering with Rocabe Entertainment. Kato is very proud of his work and support from his kids.  

The Multifaceted Man…

“God does not save us to make us forget our heritage, but to complete it.” ― Beth Moore

This is true of William Edward Ssebuwufu aka Kamirante Sseggumba. Born in Uganda’s rural area in Mukono district, William has made a name for himself on Radio Uganda Boston by focusing on political issues. He hosts the “Twabirabye program” with Mayanja Mulinde and Grace Nakigude every Friday from 6:30-9:30pm, which delves into the global trending issues but gives more emphasis to Uganda’s hot political issues. He also hosted the famous cultural program, “Tuula Tunyumye” that used to air every Sunday evening.

He is a man with a vast experience in journalism, spanning over fifteen years in the field. His unique perspectives are heavily influenced by his background, having lived both in Uganda and the United States. In addition, William has an enviable academic profile. He started his education journey from the rural areas of Mukono district, went to Busoga College Mwiri and Noah’s Ark SS for his secondary school education. He went to Makerere University Kampala and Northeastern University in Boston. Over the period, he has acquired qualifications in journalism, a diploma in Project Management, a Bachelor’s in Development Studies, a master’s degree in Project management and is completing his thesis for his doctorate in education.

In regard to serving the community, he has worked as a journalist for several media houses, managed several projects with a strong focus on reviving failing projects and building strong projects teams. He has served in several leadership roles in Boston where he lives today. He is an educationist and prides himself in helping Ugandans who wish to get education in the US. In Uganda, he spent a considerable period teaching in post-secondary institutions. He has held leadership roles in his church and plays a big role in upholding the Ugandan values among the Ugandans residing in Boston.

When commenting about his many roles and the ability to juggle them, William quotes Sunday Adelaja’s saying, “Your calling is buried in your background and life experience”. Without any doubt, he is one of the great talents that make Radio Uganda Boston a great team…


X The Man!!

Behold the one and only; THE XMAN! The host of “Soul Train” Inspired by the original dance and music show “Soul Train” hosted by the late “Don Cornelius” from the 70s through the 90s, this show features the best old skool, middle skool & new skool jams in soul, R&B & hip hop. Different from the original show, this is flavored up with the latest catchy and informative news stories around the world, covering cutting-edge scientific and technological developments in fields that affect our day-to-day lives like medicine, technology, entertainment etc…  These are unique and captivating stories that you most likely won’t hear or find in your hood. The “Soul Train” show is the whole shebang/enchilada covering music and catchy stories from all over with some funny and others sad. For more, catch him on Radio Uganda Boston (R.U.B) every Friday between 1pm and 4pm.

XMAN is currently based in the Great American Revolutionary state of Massachusetts located in the North Eastern part of the good ole US of A. This is where the American Revolution started in the 18th century. He’s been living in this Great state for a while. Call it his second home away from the cradle land!  XMAN is part of a global family of siblings that spans all the way from Africa to the USA, including Europe.

Rob Kafeero aka “THE XMAN” touched down on this “Milky Way” planet called earth in Nsambya Hospital located in Kampala, Uganda. Started off his education as a youngin in “St Peter’s primary school popularly known as “St Pele”. He is an OB of Rubaga Boy’s Sch, Kyambogo College Sch, St Balikudembe, St Henry’s College, Kitovu (SHACK), Makerere High Sch (MAK HIGH). Call him a school tourist if that works for you! LOL! Fast forward to the US, he has gone to attain a college education and then some in the field of information systems technology & management.

Outside his daily day hustle, he is a proud member of R.U.B of which he has been part of since its inception in 2009. Besides being a radio show host, he is also part of the technical team that mans the day-to-day operations of the station.

In a nutshell, R.U.B presents the one and only; “THE XMAN!”

RUB First Lady…
Anisha Makumbi Namagembe was born to Mr. Muhamad Makumbi of Nakifuma in Mukono District Uganda and Boston’s very own Damali Nanfuka, one of the known Ugandans, who loves and would do anything for her community.
Nisha always admired her mother’s involvement in the community and she too quickly adapted to it and figured what better way to serve it than to follow her childhood fantasy of becoming a Radio presenter at Radio Uganda Boston in 2009. She became their first female presenter and that’s how she got the title of FIRST LADY
She presents “Connection Time” every Thursday 8pm – 10pm, a youth program that centers around Celebrity News, Trending topics, Her Opinions, Guest interviews and much more. She is also the Publicity Assistant Director for RUB.
Nisha attended Vincentalex Boarding primary School, then went to Vienna College Namugongo for the first two years of O-LEVEL then went to East high school Ntinda and went to Cream Land College for A-LEVEL. She moved to the US, went to school and earned a degree in Psychology
and also serves on the Board of African cultural services a Ugandan non – profit Organization.
Anisha farther explains that working at the radio has been one of the best choices she ever made. While at the radio she made great friendships, mentors and built a big fun base. She is so excited and looking forward to a bright future with RADIO UGANDA BOSTON….