MARKETING: The Understated Key To Success

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Marketing is one of my favorite topics and it’s what I will discuss this time at it’s also the job I do for Radio Uganda Boston among other duties assigned to me by management. There are a quite a number of definitions of marketing out there but I will use one that I find to be quite clear and suitable for the point I will emphasize later on. Marketing, according to Merriam- Webster, refers to “the activities that are involved in making people aware of a company’s products, making sure that the products are available to be bought...” The activities mentioned in the definition include a variety of things, like flyers, posters, radio and television adverts, and the social media.

Businesses today regard marketing as an important investment, if you think about it, the heart of any business success lies in marketing and this is one investment in my opinion that should be taken seriously if a business is to make a mark in this very competitive business environment. Imagine you start a business of babysitting kids in your apartment and your dream is to one day make it big and have a day care center with a population of more than 100 kids. The key to fulfilling your dream besides hard work and dedication is MARKETING! Without marketing, how will the new parents know about your babysitting arrangements in your apartment? The point is you must advertise, basically make noise about your business and let the entire community know how good you are at babysitting and how nice your facilities are, all these to get the new parents of the kids you trying to attract, interested. I can’t emphasize this enough, that if you want to people to know about your product or service, you going to have to tell them about it. Even someone getting married will want people to attend his wedding and to do that, he will put the word out there and even print invitation cards to be distributed, these invitation cards are like flyers in the real sense of a business setting because the card will provide the information that is good enough for someone to make a decision on whether to attend the wedding or not.

Marketing for any business should not be a one-time investment and expect to see wonders. If you plant a tree, you going to keep watering it until it becomes fully sustainable, you don’t just water it for one week and give up and hope for the best. I always get asked by business owners how many months they should advertise for. My response is always a minimum of at least six months, because the people you are advertising to need time to make up their minds, you should remember that you as a business owner you are making a penetration into an already competitive market and of course you can’t expect people to jump up and run to your business demanding to buy your products just because you have started a radio advert. Advertising is needed to keep running, in essence you trying to convince the target market that you have the best products on the market or you can make a difference in someone’s life or whatever it is you are marketing about. Research shows that not everyone makes a decision right away after listening to an advert, there’s a category of people that make decisions long after listening to your advert and in most cases after they find the need for your product or service. The key is to ensure that your noise is still loud enough when the time comes for them to make that decision.

The year is coming to an end, I hope that next year sees more Ugandan businesses get started up because we need development within our community. Here at Radio Uganda Boston we stand with you as your partners in ensuring that you make it by offering very good advertising rates and working with you in your goal of sales maximization.

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