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In Spring 2009, Radio Uganda Boston went online. A free internet radio based in Boston featuring an eclectic mix of music, information and cultural programming. The station has since grown to be the leading internet station among Ugandans in the Diaspora at heart and still growing.

Radiougandaboston.com extends the station's profile globally, featuring web-exclusive content: all music, all news and the live station simulcast. The broadcast signal is global in that you can listen to our broadcast anywhere in the world with internet access.

Our programming conveys that feel and fully embraces all that Ugandans in the Diaspora long for..., Home. Uganda is now just a mouse click away here at Radio Uganda Boston. Welcome...

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John Mulinde

Mission Statement

Our mission is to "enhance communication among Ugandans and friends of Uganda across the globe especially those in the Diaspora for the promotion of community outreach, cultural, economic, social and political development through networking powered by internet technology".

Vision Statement

Our cardinal vision is to be the leading internet broadcaster  reaching Ugandans across the globe with those in the Diaspora as the main focus.

Why Advertise?

  • Ugandan American Online radio
  • Global Audience
  • Global Online Broadcastings
  • Budget Friendly
  • On-Air or Online Advertising

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