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  • About me is " The Global Voice n Beyond!". Our goal is to be the communication vanguard especially in the Ugandan Diaspora" . We are shooting for the skyz and if we fail, we'll fall among the starz. And DATS WASSSUPP!!

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Saturday, 20 July 2013 11:47
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  • Charles and Peter are twin brothers and have had a good relationship since child hood.2 years ago,Charles's wife borrowed money from Peter and promised to return it in 3 months.5months ago,Peter approached this lady demanding his money.She promised to pay back in a month unfortunately she failed.Last month Peter told her that he is gonna sue her.She told her that if he wants his money he should tell his brother to pay back.Peter told Charles everything but unfortunately Charles was so upset that Peter even reached a level of taking his wife to court yet she is her in law(MULAMU).Charles even told Peter that he had a feeling that Peter doesn't wish him well in life.Peter needs your help how he can recover his money.Live today Wed 7th,5pm Boston time.Studio line 781-314-6944
    5 years ago
  • Tune in to "Twabirabye" a weekly news round up program featuring the global news esp from Uganda hosted by Ssebuwufu Kamirante ryt now on
    5 years ago


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